3 Easy Ways to Get Away from Knee Pain

Healthy Living with Exuberance!

Imagine this, if you will; you are standing atop a large hill looking over a beautiful sunrise, not a cloud in the sky. You can hear the birds chirping, feel the breeze, smell the fresh grass and blooming flowers of spring.

Now, imagine looking up from the bottom of that hill dreading the first step up because you just know your knees can’t handle the climb. Instead of the amazing view, you walk back to your car and drive home to grab a seat in front of the television and rest your knees.

Was what I just described a bit of a dramatization? Perhaps. But I am sure that there are people out there, maybe even some of you reading this blog, that can relate to that feeling. Maybe not climbing a hill in the early morning, but going for a run, starting a workout plan, walking up a flight…

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