Stay Warm with Spinach, Quinoa, and Broccoli Bisque!

I wanted to make soup today. Seeing as it’s the middle of winter here in Minnesota, I saw no reason not to.

I discovered this recipe in the back of the Standard Process cookbook, 1⁰ of Change, the second time I did Standard Process purification cleanse. I substituted this soup for a recipe I tried and absolutely hated. That recipe was called Carrot Curry.

The Carrot Curry was traumatizing as well as a waste of carrots, spices, and time. Having found this recipe, I will never make that mistake again. Making Spinach, Quinoa, and Broccoli Bisque is a little time consuming, but worth it. It makes plenty of servings and is delicious.

I have a confession to make. I’m not the biggest fan of broccoli, regardless of whether it’s raw or cooked. Unless I could smother it in processed cheese or some ranch dressing, it has never appealed to me. However, adding all that soy-laden-sugar-filled-trans-fat might make the broccoli more palatable, but what’s the point of eating it when you must “doctor it” to that extent? I usually eat something else that isn’t offensive to every single one of my five senses, like a cucumber. I will eat 15 cucumbers before going near a broccoli.

The point is, I was hesitant to try this bisque because once I saw how much broccoli went into it, I was like nah-uh. Then I saw how much spinach went into it, and figured it might balance it out. In my opinion, spinach is one of the seven wonders of the world… at least it should be. I believe it is the only food that goes from “meh” to “yessss” without adding anything. I discovered this the first time I did this purification.spinach

I was once told to add spinach to a vegetable smoothie to “sweeten” it. I was completely skeptical, but it worked. I then began to add spinach to everything that tasted less-than-stellar and it helped immensely. Bearing this in mind, I rose to the challenge this recipe presented me. When I saw that the finished product looked less than appealing, I was even more wary. But, I didn’t do all that work for nothing. Besides, it didn’t smell too bad. So, I tried it, and fell head-over-heels for it.

The texture and taste are both mild and enjoyable for me. I like that you can eat an entire bowl or two and not feel guilty. It’s broccoli and spinach soup for crying out loud! Looking
to add some protein? You can alter it by adding bacon, beef or Italian sausage.

step-2I can’t emphasize enough that this doesn’t taste like plain, boring, punishing broccoli. I plan on eating this entire pot over the weekend. So, if you have some vegan friends, need something green to bring for a St. Patrick’s Day party, or just want to try something healthy and different, here it is.

Enough rambling. Enjoy this Broccoli Bisque recipe from Standard Process. And enjoy Healthy Living with Exuberance!

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